A design for the information landscape

The New Landscape project was established to create something that has never previously existed: a design for the information landscape.

A team from KPMG was appointed in October 2014 and worked with colleagues in institutions and in data collecting organisations to create a vision and build a consensus to drive change. The report and executive summary are published here.

There are four key elements to the New Landscape design:

1. Collective governance and oversight of the landscape, underpinned by common data principles

This will:

  • Enable a joined up approach to managing data requirements across the sector
  • Minimise the scope for duplicate data requests to emerge
  • Provide a forum for the sector to raise data collection issues

2. Development of a standard HE data set

A set of common data definitions that can be used across the landscape to make reporting more efficient and make published information more comparable.

3. Rationalisation of data collections through a transformed HESA collection process


This will address the need for HE Providers to provide the same or very similar data multiple times. Over time it could also enable enhanced data analytics and intelligence.

4. Improved data capability

This will increase the quality and efficiency of data processes resulting in better information and lower risk.

Next steps

The report sets out a roadmap and next steps for this journey and HEDIIP will be taking forward the actions that are set out here. HEDIIP is already driving change in many of these areas.

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