Inventory of HE data collections

One of the biggest challenges we all face in the HE information landscape is understanding the range and nature of data collections that take place.

The inventory of HE data collections was created in 2013 in order to help data collectors gain a better understanding of what other collections are being undertaken and to help HE providers get a better understanding of which data collections they are responding to. It has also provided valuable information about the extent of HE data collections for the HEDIIP programme.

In 2015 a project was launched to review the value of the Inventory and identify any requirements for future development. The first stage of the project confirmed that the Inventory continues to be of value to the sector, and recommendations were made for:

  • bringing the entries in the Inventory up to date;
  • improving the search and filter functionality.

A new Inventory format was developed to provide the improved functionality, followed by an extensive period of engagement with HE Providers and data collectors to update the entries and include any missing entries.

The Inventory lists all organisations that are understood to collect data and information specifically about higher education in the UK, and gives details (where known) about the data and information collections.

The report library includes the reports from the 2013 Inventory project and the 2015/16 Inventory Review project.

The inventory is now maintained and published by HESA on behalf of the Data Landscape Steering Group.

The inventory can be found here.