Benefits definition

Given the scope and complexity of the HEDIIP programme, defining the benefits to be delivered is both challenging and far-reaching

The HEDIIP Programme needs a robust benefits identification and realisation process to ensure that each project has a sound business case and stays on target to produce the expected benefits.

HEDIIP ran a series of workshops in 2014 to identify benefits to be delivered by the Programme. These workshops brought together colleagues from a variety of stakeholder organisations to explore benefits from perspectives across the HE landscape. The three workshops covered:

  • The development of a new subject coding system.
  • The adoption of the Unique Learner Number in HE.
  • Broader benefits around the vision of a redesigned information landscape.

We are very grateful to colleagues who participated in these workshops and as part of this work a Benefits Management Strategy was created.  The Programme is now baselining, monitoring and reviewing benefits as part of business as usual.